Elon Musk just got too uppity [Tom Woods]

Well, now Elon Musk has really gone and done it.

He spoke flippantly to a United States senator, Ed Markey (D-MA).

Markey had written a letter to Musk demanding information on how Twitter verified accounts, and accusing Musk of promoting “disinformation.”

A parody account impersonating Markey enjoyed a brief life on Twitter before being removed.

So Musk responded, “Perhaps it is because your real account sounds like a parody?”

Musk added: “And why does your [personal profile] have a mask!?”

Indeed, Markey’s profile shows him wearing a ridiculous cloth mask, as if we hadn’t learned a thing from years of wearing them.

“People for Bernie” came back with this response to Musk: “Probably not a good idea to troll a high-ranking senator with a history of taking down rich people who just so happens to sit on multiple committees which regulate your businesses the day after his party retakes the Chamber.”

Stop and think about that. This pro-Bernie account is positively reveling in the prospect of an American citizen being punished for not being sufficiently reverential toward a government official.

Many, many people repeated this kind of argument.

As Glenn Greenwald put it, “So revealing how many liberals and ‘leftists’ are telling Musk he’s stupid and reckless for speaking irreverently to a senator (!), especially one with power over his companies. These people are such [expletive deleted] authoritarians: you speak to Democratic senators with respect or else!”

(By the way, before anyone writes to tell me that I shouldn’t like Musk, that he’s one of Them, etc., that isn’t the point of what I’ve written. Read carefully!)

Instead of looking seriously into what might be causing the economic woes and high prices we’re enduring, the envious just want to see a rich guy like Musk get punished.

“People for Bernie” are the exact kinds of people the regime wants: they ask no fundamental questions (of course you can be sure the Federal Reserve System will never be mentioned), and point the finger at private-sector villains in order to divert attention from the destructive idiocy going on in the public sector.

Meanwhile we get nowhere, because the so-called “progressives” are just sure that the head institution of the American banking cartel, which was created via legislation crafted by big bankers themselves, must have been erected for the sake of the common good.

For those of you who indeed are finding things hard right now, you won’t get any relief from progressives but you will be steered in the right direction by the Tom Woods Show, I promise.

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