Guess who just welcomed Trump back [Tom Woods]

But he’s not paying for the wall.

You have surely heard the news, but this week Elon Musk, after conducting a poll on the subject, restored Donald Trump to Twitter.

Trump has said in the past he wouldn’t use Twitter again, and he does want to build up his Truth Social platform, but it’s entirely possible he won’t be able to resist and will change his mind.

But — and I realize this is almost too obvious to need saying — the issue is about much more than Trump. It’s about the psychos who want to suppress all kinds of voices they dislike.

Glenn Greenwald, as usual, had some interesting commentary on the subject.

He noted, first, that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftist president of Mexico and no fan of Trump, nevertheless cheered his return to the platform:As Greenwald put it, “It’s vital to remember: Trump’s banning by Twitter and FB was condemned by leaders all over the world. Only US liberals and corporate journalists — the epicenter of censorship — cheered it.”

He went on:

“Numerous leaders who disliked Trump — including Germany’s Anglea Merkel and France’s Macron, along with EU officials — warned of the grave threats to democracy when Big Tech oligarchs can ban elected leaders like Trump from being heard.

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget how authoritarian US liberals and their journalist allies are because they always herald themselves as the vanguard against fascism. But they are global rogue actors.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador described the Silicon Valley suppressors as “a world media power” anointing themselves “judges of the Holy Inquisition.”

Again Greenwald:

Over on Mastodon — the obscure refuge to which liberal journalists are fleeing in fear of free speech even though they can’t figure it out — they’re already banning each other over the most trivial infractions.

It’s like a laboratory to study how censorship-happy rats behave.

A “journalist” group was started by super-woke Mega Ally Adam Davidson, late of 
The New Yorker. He just banned the trans activist Parker Molloy, late of Media Matters. Her crime? Accusing Mike Pesca of being transphobic. His crime? Posting a NYT article on the harms of puberty blockers.

These are the deeply neurotic, obviously unwell, vehemently intolerant left-liberal functionaries who — with scam “disinformation experts” and activist groups — have been controlling our discourse, dictating who can and can’t be heard. The meltdown is because they lost this power.

So this goes way, way beyond Donald Trump. We are talking about people who cannot tolerate any other way of looking at the world — including yours and mine.

I for one do not relish the idea of living in a world in which people like this colonize my children’s minds.

So I inoculate them against evil ideas.

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