Pfizer CEO caught saying what they say he didn’t say [Tom Woods]

I guess you’ve probably followed the recent uproar surrounding a Pfizer executive’s admission that they hadn’t tested to see if their shots stopped transmission at the time they released them.

The gatekeepers are trying to assure everyone that there’s nothing to see here, that we already knew this, that they didn’t test for this until later, etc.

Nice try, bootlickers.

Here’s the Pfizer CEO in September 2020, speaking on the subject in an interview:

And I want to tell them that their decision, they need to understand, will not affect only their lives, which at the end of the day is their judgment, but will affect the lives of others. Because if they don’t vaccinate, they will become the weak link that will allow this virus to replicate. So I want to send the second message for those that are reluctant maybe to do a vaccine, and they need to understand that this decision, unfortunately, in this case does not affect only their health. Unfortunately, by making this decision, they will become the weak links in the way that the virus is transmitted and they will enable the virus to live there and they will risk society’s health rather than [their] own health….

Secondly, in the beginning, when fewer of the population is vaccinated, we should not, I think, relax — and I’m sure the authorities will not relax — all the other measures that are needed, like social distancing. masks, etc. But the more we vaccinate and the more we create herd immunity and the more we create the majority of the population being protected, then the less, I think, the other measures will have to be implemented. And as a result, the economy will open.

How much clearer can the guy be?

You need to take the shots to protect others and to work toward herd immunity, he said.

So once again, not a word these people say can be taken at face value, and when the media swarm to “correct” what you and I say, you can be sure you and I were right the first time.

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