What Trudeau’s move against the truckers means [Tom Woods]

You have probably heard that Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, just invoked something called the Emergencies Act in response to the trucker protest.

I want to share with you a Twitter thread on the subject by Ezra Levant, who publishes the heroic Rebel News, one of the very rare Canadian sources that isn’t official state propaganda.

Here goes:

1. Trudeau has no legal justification for invoking the Emergencies Act.

It has never been invoked before — not even on 9/11, or the 2014 terrorist attack on Parliament.

Trudeau called the truckers “terrorists,” but everyone can see that’s a lie.

2. Tonight Trudeau called the truckers, and the countless citizens cheering them on, “dangerous” and “not peaceful.” But in fact there has not been a single act of violence committed by any of them in two weeks.

3. The Emergencies Act is to made to defend against a genuine threat to the security of the nation. The definition of “threat” in outlined in the CSIS Act. It has an extraordinarily high bar: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/C-23.pdf

4. There is no espionage threat; no foreign clandestine coup plot; no “serious violence”; no covert act “intended ultimately to lead to the destruction or overthrow by violence.” 

And the act specifically excludes “lawful advocacy, protest or dissent.”

5. This is a coup — from within government. A desperate, flailing politician who bungled the pandemic, antagonized millions of Canadians and sits at just 16% in the polls [source: Maru Public Opinion Survey, February 9-10 — TW]. Three of his own MPs have broken ranks. This is a panicky power grab.

6. There was loud honking in Ottawa. A judge ordered truckers to stop and they complied. The Ambassador Bridge was cleared without incident by local cops.

None of that needed emergency powers. 

But Trudeau wants to rule, like his father figure, Castro.

So he made his move.

7. Trudeau’s obsession with vaccine mandates exceeds any public health rationale. He wants the biomedical security state — the database, the power to control, the power to surveil. 

8. $20 million has been raised for the truckers. The first $10M was through GoFundMe. Trudeau pressured them to cancel the campaign. The next $10M was through GiveSendGo. An Ontario court — in an ex parte (secret) hearing — ordered the money frozen. And then GSG was hacked.

9. About a million dollars was disbursed to a Canadian bank for the truckers, but that was seized, too.

Not a dime has actually gone to the truckers. But Freeland claims that those funds are tantamount to financing terrorism.

10. This is the Canadian version of Biden’s disgraceful memo instructing the FBI to investigate parents who show up to complain at school board meetings. Trudeau and Freeland have criminalized grassroots, peaceful political activism.

11. Freeland announc[ed] that anyone who donated to the trucker crowdfunds is a terrorist financier, and can have their bank accounts seized without a court order. Freeland will “share relevant information” about her enemies list with the banks.

12. There’s more; the bizarre notion of not only commandeering tow trucks, but also “directing” tow truck drivers themselves to work for the government. (What — at the point of a gun? On pain of jail?)

13. It’s hard at first to understand the idea of a coup by someone who is already in office. But recall, Trudeau only won the election with 32% (he lost the popular vote). He’s been increasingly erratic and enraged. Even his former admirers are shocked.

14. He was losing support from his own MPs. The polls were tanking. The truckers were winning — not just in the court of public opinion, but actually convincing provincial premiers to hurry up and end their lockdowns. The public were laughing at him. And he can’t stand that.

15. By shocking the country with a form of martial law, and the suspension of due process and civil liberties, and granting himself the power to unilaterally seize the bank accounts of his enemies, Trudeau consolidates power, thrills the media and silences critics within his party.

16. I mean, it’s “war time” and there are “terrorists” afoot — you must rally behind the prime minister. It stops the dissent in his own party. But more importantly, it criminalizes the Conservative opposition party.

17. Most political fundraising is done online now through crowdfunding. Most of the donors to the trucker convoy are opponents of Trudeau. Trudeau will now use the State of Emergency to build a “terrorist” database of all of the people who donated to support the peaceful protest.

18. Trudeau says this will be the law for “just” 30 days. But he also said we’d be out of lockdowns in two weeks. The Castro model is the permanent emergency and a permanent revolution against the enemies of the movement. Trudeau’s twist is using banks to make his enemies list.

19. And in the background — Trudeau’s new bill to regulate the Internet. That’s the final piece of the puzzle, isn’t it?

Inicidentally, I just sent a donation to Rebel News out of appreciation for their excellent convoy coverage.

Now let me add one more thing: even though it’s February, there’s never a wrong time to pull your children out of a bad educational situation.

Justin Trudeau campaigned on diversity and rainbows, and is forcing his crazy views on everyone with an iron fist.

The same goes for your kids’ teachers. It’s all diversity and rainbows, until it isn’t.

Here is the solution:


Tom Woods

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